Welcome to the C.A.G.(E.) The Combat Applications Group Elite Family Website. We have rising from 2 members, Ky Jelly and Skidmarks since Black Ops on the Wii. We have dominated on Black Ops, Butt Fucked every single person on Modern War Fare 3 then made em eat our poop sticks. Then half of the people were scared shit less on Black Ops 2 when they saw our clan. Now with the release of Ghosts, people know exactly who we are and what we are capable of playing legit.  Some people think we are not the original C.A.G. clan but we are. I originally started C.A.G. when Halo first came out in November of 2001. I have ran with C.A.G. on xbox and pc since then.


Thanks,SKIDMARKS~ if yall want add me on facebook.. click here to add me  



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